Our Patron

Wisdom Valley Sr. Sec. school white.jpg Our Chairman Mr.Ranvir Singh is a Visionary and Far sighted man. He has experience of entrepreneurship in various sectors like – Industrial, Construction, Agribusiness, services and others.

In Education business he has been innovating and facilitating the society from last 15 years.

Wisdom Valley is based on the values and memory of my mother my father

Late Smt.Savitri Singh & Late Shri. Govind Singh, EX MD MP Minning.co

I was searching for a man of scholarship, philosophy and learning. but I could not

find him now I have started my mission of searching a man of scholarship during

day time taking a lantern in the hand”

We get the same experience today It is difficult to get the perfect people in the

world. A question was asked to a philosopher and he answered as following:

“Where is life?

Life is lost in wisdom!

Where is Wisdom?

Wisdom is lost in knowledge!

Where is Knowledge?

Knowledge is lost in information.”

Our Motto: – Knowledge is power. (vidya balam)

After viewing this situation with a view to produce men of letter and learning from

education institution, who can become responsible citizen and who can shape the future of our beloved country and make it a beautiful India.

“Education should teach us not only how to make a living but also how to live

Preparing for life is more essential. Dr. RadhaKrishnan had said, “Education

institutions should become center of excellence and should produce men of letter and learning “Who can mould India’s future generation. Swami Vivekananda has said, “Educational institution are for man making and character building.” India ha

got the greatest culture of the past and the old value need to be rejuvenated. The

new Heritage Educational trust keeps the same objective and has been trying

level best to shape the future generation

He is keen believer in The Wisdom motto ‘ Knowledge is Power’ and also believes in providing

‘Quality and Affordable Education’ to all despite of any class or creed .