Principal Message

Wisdom Valley Sr. Sec. School

Recognized & Affiliated to CBSE, Aff No. 1030952)

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Date: 16.04.2022

Welcome to New Session (2022-2023)

Dear Parents and Students,

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

With this goal in mind, we are glad to announce the commencement of the new session, 2022-23. We hope for the well being of you all. To embark on a new journey, sound health is of utmost importance. We wish that you will continue to take precautionary measures for protection against Covid-19.

Innumerable lessons were learnt from the session 2020-21. Amidst the pandemic, the school successfully conducted teaching-learning through the online mode. Plethora of activities including the celebration of festivals and club competitions were organized with the aim of holistic development of students. We aim our students to be instilled with the Values of Wisdom, Knowledge, Courage, Humbleness, Honesty and Character for their prospering present and future.

As we all know that a child’s educational prospects flourish with the active involvement and cooperation of parents. When the school and parents join hands in sharing the responsibility, it heralds success. So, we appreciate the efforts of parents who engaged themselves during the online mode of teaching and we request all to vigorously supervise their ward’s progress in the new session.

Lately, teachers also began sharing their audio notes on positive attitude to guide students so that they become wise and responsible humans of the society. We aim to help them attain knowledge with the building of a virtuous personality. We seek whole-hearted support of parents in our noble endeavor so that their wards can have a bright future ahead.

Parents please ensure:-

  • Ensure your ward is punctual, disciplined during online classes. Decorum to be maintained during teaching learning process.
  • For the sound health, it is imperative for the child to sit and study in a correct posture. Arrange a table and chair for your ward and guide him/her to sit straight while handling online classes.
  • Make adequate arrangement of light in the room for your ward to study.
  • Ensure that your ward eats healthy breakfast before joining the online classes.
  • Ensure that your ward keeps camera on during online classes or else the teaching learning process will be one sided only from teacher’s side.
  • Be advised that the examination can be conducted offline/Online as per the Guidelines of the Government. Your ward should be prepared for the offline/Online  examination any time in the session.
  • Check your ward’s digital activities at home. Refrain him/her from accessing online games, videos and other material not advisable at their tender age.
  • Both parent and student should be dressed up decently during online classes.
  • Parents are advised to refrain from speaking loudly during the online classes of their ward.
  • Regularly check the circulars/ messages given by the teachers/ Headmistress/ Coordinator/ Principal.
  • Addiction in any form may lead to severe trauma.   Latest form of addiction is the online addiction (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Online games, Youtube and many more) is affecting socio – emotional development of child. Parents are advised to keep a check on these activities of their ward.
  • Supervise the child’s submission work in terms of homework, assignments, practical files and projects as per the deadlines given by the teachers.

Students need to follow:-

  • Students should not share their ID and password/Meeting Link with anybody. You will be liable for an explanation if it is misused.
  • Be regular in attending the online classes and in submission of your work from time to time.
  • Be punctual in joining the classes.
  • Do not eat anything while the classes are going on.
  • Maintain decorum and discipline during online classes.
  • Google Classroom announcements and official WhatsApp group messages should be checked regularly for updates.

As an Institution, we are committed towards the Scholastic and Co-scholastic Excellence of our students. We seek your support for the successful career of your ward. Let us pray to God for early end to Covid-19 era. We believe it shall pass.